Natural rubber content is a popular keyword when it comes to Rubber tracks. This means you will see it in every product description in mostly every rubber track. But what does anyone know about having a natural rubber content and what does it do for machine owners?

Rubber VS Latex

Latex and rubber are not the same. Synthetic latex rubber is made of similar chemical and physical properties as natural rubber latex. This can cause confusion as synthetic versions may coin the name of latex.

Natural Rubber Latex

The natural rubber latex is the white sap that is taken from Rubber Trees.


Latex is the polymer in a water-based liquid or viscous state.

Natural Rubber

The natural rubber latex is easily transportable and stored. This is the dry natural rubber latex that is compounded with aid processing that is used to make rubber products every day.


Natural rubber offers high tensile strength and holds it shapes and provides flexibility. It also tears resistant against chips and tearing. The natural rubber contained in rubber tracks provides superior strength, which will ultimately lead to longer lasting tracks.


Natural Rubber is rather costly. Regarding performance, the natural rubber doesn’t perform well in traction and wet traction surfaces. Natural rubber is not as great at reducing rolling resistance as well as controlling temperature.


Synthetic Rubber

Synthetic rubber is human-made that can be made with impurities to tailor the specific needs with physical and chemical properties.


Synthetic rubber costs less than natural rubber. It also has more reliability with constant quality and temperature resistance. Synthetic rubber is tailored to meet specific performance needs.


While synthetic rubber is cost-efficient, it does play a role in the environment. This is because it is a derivative of crude oil. The quality is also not the same as natural rubber as it is also hard to replicate.


So which is best for Rubber Tracks?

While both rubbers have their advantages and disadvantages, it is important that your rubber track contains a degree of natural rubber due it benefits. However, synthetic rubber also offers practicality. While tracks should have a certain amount of natural rubber, we must keep in mind that synthetic rubber is chemically designed for the job.

What’s the Difference Between Natural VS Synthetic Rubber Tracks