At BigWoodRows we have a large range of products. For more information on our products please get in contact or check out the products in store.

Rubber Tracks

All rubber tracks are offered with a two-year warranty to ensure quality and give you a peace of mind. The rubber tracks have a life expectancy of two to four years and the ability to meet the demands of durability and flexibility.

Rubber Pads

The rubber pads are designed to fit existing steel tracks on drills, profiles quickly, and excavators to relieve high surface damage to paved surfaces. The bolt on pads is placed directly on existing steel for pre-drilled purposes, while the clip-on pads are fixed to the ends of the grouser plate.

Cutting Blades

The cutting blades provide edges at the front where protection is most needed. This means the blades are lighter and sharper, which will increase productivity. All cutting edges are made from hard steel to sustain wear life.

Wear Protection

All wear protection is available in light to heavy duty. This protects the most important part of the machines with protection in even the toughest conditions.

Bucket Teeth & Adapters

We stock an extensive range of adapters, excavator spare parts and bucket teeth to meet requirements for various terrains and machines. We understand the importance of having the right fit to complete the job.

Grader Ripper Parts

The grade ripper system provides ripping angles and penetration with increased dynamic resistance. This is made with tough abrasion steel as all ripper parts are made to specifications.


Rippers are used for aggressive environments as they provide rapid penetration and angles for ripping. This helps to increase impact resistance.

Expander Pins

Expander pins are placed in the lugs to be tightened as the expansion sleeves are pressed up the tapered end of the axle to conform to the pattern.

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