Dear Valued Patron,

It is with deep sadness that we announce the closure of Big Woodrows for an unknown length of time. As you know Big Woodrows has been a Houston icon for over 20 years. Over the years the building has been host to countless great events and many wonderful Cajun style meals, but the merriment has taken a toll on the building.

Over the past year, after numerous negotiations with the building owner we were able to get him to agree to make the much needed structural repairs at Big Woodrows. These repairs, along with a much needed facelift for the venue, were to take place over the summer. After we shut down in June the landlord refused to move forward on the needed repairs. This left us with no option, for the present, but to shut down.

We are very grateful and thankful to all our loyal patrons who over the years have become part of the Big Woodrows family. Our hope is that sometime in the near future we will once again be able to welcome all of you to a new and fun filled location.


The Woodrows Team